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Welcome to the print projects homepage of the print and media department from Munich University of Applied Sciences. Read more about our different award-winning projects.

Recent projects


The Schnapsbomber is a drinking game. A piezoelectric vibration sensor measures how heavily the box is shaken by the players and reduces the countdown.

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The Beertägerl

Header: The Beertagerl

The Beertägerl is a special version of a beer mat. A sensor measures the temperature of the beer and the beer is illuminated by an OLED-Display.
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The Hague Display

Header: The Hague Display

The Hague Display card, is a collaboration between the Munich University of Applied Sciences and the California Polytechnic State University. It is a special card using an electrochrome and thermochromic display.
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FluxTime is a timer tag that has the ability to indicate via an Electro Chromic display the remaining time in a pre-programmed amount of time.
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Christmas Card

Header: Smart Tickets

Christmas has to be something really special – wonderful, exciting, awesome. So has to be the Christmas Card.
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Smart Tickets

Header: Smart Tickets

What time was it when I entered the swimming pool? When do I need to leave because I only paid for a two hour ticket? We have a solution for you!
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Smart Objects

Header: Smart Objects

Based on the OE-A-Brochure layout we developed several products for a better user experience.
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Print Trumps


Increase the knowledge in the field of printing technologies and have fun! The card game Print Trumps

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Ducky in the Dark

Header: The Interactive Book

The childbook “Ducky in the Dark” includes several interactive, often printed parts which allows the user to become a part of the story.
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