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Project Management

The projects are usually introduced to a group of students as a raw concept or idea of a certain product. After that the whole team is supposed to do a brainstorming session, where questions about the functions of the product and their feasibility are being discussed. These are issues like which functions should the final product feature and how they can be put into effect by using preferably printed electronic components.

BrainstromingThe brainstorming session is followed by some kind of poll, where the group decides which functions are the most reasonable ones and which components should be used. Also different levels of complexity are determined to have some kind of fallback policy that means to have less advanced to more advanced and cost-efficient to more pricy solutions. According to their complexity levels different product groups are formed, these consist correspondingly of more or less members.

Within the group one member is assigned the product group leader who is in charge and responsible for the completion of the product. Also for every component one responsible person is determined, who is the contact during the project for every question concerning the function, the building technique or the integration of the component.

Microcontroller TestingThe next important step is the definition of a milestone plan, where the basic points of the development of the products and the project as a whole are put on record.

Typical milestones could be wirebound prototypes, printed prototypes, preparation of an FMEA, important meetings, delivery of project report and product descriptions, project completion, product finishing.

In the weekly meetings the current progress of the project is being discussed. As expected there are sometimes problems within the product groups occurring throughout the project and the meetings should help to find a solution for these problems. Also it is important to clear out what else is needed for the project, like certain materials or information and how to prevent new problems from occurring right away.

After the project is finished completely the completion is celebrated at a dinner.